December 26, 2012

They’re here! I know, I know… they’ve been here for quite sometime. Who knew caring for twins was soo difficult. It’s the first time I’ve been able to get on here and write about the day of their birth. They’re napping at the same time, but as I type this very sentence one of them is waking up.




I will forever remember every detail of Wednesday, December 26, 2012. My life completely changed forever and ever amen. I remember being completely overwhelmed and it finally hit me that I was going to be a mom. What if I hated it, what if I didn’t do a good job, or be able to keep the little ones alive? All of these questions kept running through my head at the same time. I’m so thankful to have had my mom there though. She was such a blessing and huge encouragement!

Having my dad, brother, and mom there the day of the birth was so awesome. We got to celebrate my dad’s birthday two days before, and Christmas too!

The morning of the birth, we relaxed, went to target, and ran a few errands before going into the hospital.

We left for the hospital around 2:00PM. I went in and checked in, gave all my information to the hospital, and they sent me on upstairs to get prepped for surgery. It was a really fasts process. Before I knew it I kissed Will and was in the operating room getting a huge needle stuck into my spine. Honestly, this is what hurt the most about having a c-section. The spinal fluid going down your back is the worst pain I’ve ever felt. After that it was just a bunch of tugging, pulling, and the smell of burning flesh filling the room. I was completely out of it, but within a few minutes the nurses were yelling “will, look it’s your daughter!” and there she was sweet little Lily with her adorable cry. She had lots of hair and was the tiniest little blessing. Then one minute later at 6:39PM, Liam baby was pulled from my stomach. He was full of fluid and wasn’t breathing well, but they eventually got all the fluid out of his system and he was breathing like a champ in no time. All I remember was someone putting one baby on my chest at a time. I said Hi, kissed their faces and they were wheeled away with Will, being taken to the nursery.

I was laying on the table feeling somewhat abandoned in a way. Then I said, “Um.. i’m really tired all of a sudden. I Feel like I’m going to fall asleep and never wake up. The lady replied, “Yeah, I gave you a little something extra, didn’t want you to feel them sewing you back up.” “OK!” I replied. No problem with that I suppose. They transferred me finally to my recovery bed, and I had to stay in recovering for the next 2 hours, which felt like forever.  Will and my mom finally found me and stayed with me until I went up to the maternity ward.

All I wanted to do was see my babies. Where were they!? I called the nurses for about 2 hours and they finally wheeled L & L into our room! They were the sweetest, but I remember feeling like it was all a dream. Are these babies really mine and Will’s? What’s happening right now ? 🙂

The next 3 days in the hospital were good and bad. Will’s family came down to meet the babes. Our night nurse was pretty rude. Our wonderful friends came to the hospital and stayed for hours just holding the babies so Will and I could sleep for a bit. That was a huge blessing! Thursday evening though, both babies were crying, and Will and I both looked at each other like we were zombies. We both wanted to run, run far far away. We looked into each others eyes, and we didn’t have to say a word to each other. We knew exactly what the other was thinking. “What’s happening, and can we really do this?!!”

With Jesus and each other we did get through the night and the following ones in the hospital, and we were finally set free. Free to go home and raise these babies. Keep them well and alive. Hopefully thriving along the way. Looking back now, and remembering all of this is quite encouraging. We’ve accomplished more in the past two months than we have our entire lives. We love these little fockers more than words can say. I’m trying to be all sweet on here, and Lily just poops all over my legs as I write this…until next time!


Last day waking up with that huge belly!


My parents were in town, so of course we made a trip to the local Super Target! We didn’t have a pac’n play yet, so we went to the store to get one before going into the hospital.


I wasn’t allowed to eat or drink anything at all 24 hours before the surgery, but I got to watch my favorite guys eat my mom’s yummy chicken stew. This was around 1:00PM that day, and we were leaving to go to the hospital at 2:00PM.


These are the most unflattering pictures of me ever. BUT my mom and I put the pac’n play together. After we did this, my mom and I went to go pay our rent since it was going to be due in the next 10 days. No one wants to think about bills when you just gave birth.


Last picture of the two of us before 2 little ones came into our lives. This is us in front of our door about to leave for the hospital.


There are my parents and brother going to follow us to the hospital.


Getting prepped for surgery! Thankful to have my parents there with me. It worked out so perfectly!


Being monitored before the surgery.


My poor family had to wait in the smallest waiting room ever.


There they are ! Just freshly pulled from my stomach. I was getting sewn up while Will got to wheel the babies to the nursery! They happened to be wheeling by my parents right then. : )


Sweet Hearts.

IMG_2179 IMG_2183 IMG_2191 IMG_2196

I look like death, but whatever. It was a moment that we captured.







We had never before been so ready to leave that joint.

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