The Past Two Weeks

The past two weeks we’ve been:

1. Waiting for these babies to get here!
2. Decorating for Christmas
3. Visiting with Family
4. Working too much

Waiting For Babies
We have scheduled a c-section for Wednesday, 12/26/12 at 5:30PM! At least I have this planned out now. : ) We hate that we have to wait until next week, and after Christmas to meet our sweet babes, but they are healthy and perfect and just not wanting to come out any time soon. Yesterday morning, my doctor checked to see if I have made any progress, and I haven’t dilated or show any signs of labor whatsoever. These two babies are just in weird positions to where there has been no pressure on my cervix for it to know it’s time for them to come out. They are just getting bigger and bigger too, so I’m pretty sure they’re just stuck where they are in there.

Thankful for big, healthy babies! Will and I just can’t wait to see their beautiful faces!! Did we say they’re 7.5lbs each?! yea!!
I’m personally feeling great. I don’t have any contractions or pain, I’m just tired and achy sometimes. But this past week or so I’ve felt the best that I have for a while.

Decorating for Christmas
Here’s what the living room looks like these days:


Thanks Mom for Liam and Lily’s first Christmas stockings.


I’m in love with my new Scentsy! It makes the whole house smell like a Christmas Tree!

Will and Christmas Decor

I also love my little Christmas Trees… and that guy sitting on the couch.

Visiting with Family 
It’s my favorite when we get to see family down here. Thankful to see my Aunt Karen, Uncle Mike, and my cousins Nick and Ceciley! Oh, How I love them! We just wish they could have met Liam and Lily before they went back to Indiana : (


Working Too Much
Will and I work at a church, so of course the Christmas season is the most busy time of year. For me, I have been busy with an Outreach we put together here at the church. We put together 30,000 Bible Gift Boxes, and we have been praying for the people that will be receiving those Bibles, that they come to know Jesus as their Savior! Here are a few pictures taken by Curtis Copeland.

598424_10151559343163496_1437024788_n 598635_10151559340493496_392713159_n

It really is the best event to be apart of…

Will has been busy with Ocean’s Edge School’s big Christmas Event called Night So Silent Night production. They had two packed out shows, and everything went really well! Now he’s preparing for this weekend’s services and all 5 Christmas Eve services!

So… that’s what we’ve been up to lately. We are just anxious to meet our kids! Let’s get this party started!

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  1. Oh my! Jon’s birthday is Dec. 26!! How cool!

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