Doctor’s Update

Yesterday, Will and I had our last appointment with our specialist! No more ultrasounds for us… it’s just time for the babes to be here! Here are our stats for this week:


Weight – 188 lbs.
Blood Pressure – 105/59
Sugar Levels were perfect.

Babies –

Weight – 7.5 lbs. – Craziness I tell you! Thank You Jesus. I started crying when she told me this… I’m just so thankful.
Heart Rate – perfect – about 150 BPM for each baby

They are both in the 60% for their growth and development.

Position – Lily is ready to get out of town, and is in my pelvis, head down. Liam is still breech and just having the best time in my ribs!

Tomorrow we go to see my OB at 10:00AM… so hopefully we’ll know when these babies are going to make their entrance. We’re ready to meet them and have them home for Christmas!

Love you all and thankful for your support and love that you have shown us. It’s been a huge blessing…. we couldn’t have asked God for more!!!! We can’t wait for you to meet these little ones. YEa!

2 responses to “Doctor’s Update

  1. So exciting! The blessing of being part of your journey has been priceless! Can’t wait to meet the little ones!

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