36 Weeks 2 Days & Merry Christmas!

We had our two appointments today. Here’s the doctor’s update:

Dr. Barada (he’s the one that does our ultrasounds and is the specialist)

Me –

Weight – 183 lbs. (same as last week!)
Blood Pressure – 110/55
Sugar Levels were perfect.

Babies –
They’re getting so big now, that’s it’s really tough to get a good look at them through the ultrasound. They don’t show their faces anymore, they are just so cramped in there.

Weight – we’ll find out for sure next week, but my guess, since they were 5lbs. 2 oz. – 2 weeks ago – they are at 6lbs. now. : )
Heart Rate – perfect – about 150 BPM for each baby

Position – Lily is ready to get out of town, and is in my pelvis, head down. Liam was breech last  Monday, but moved, and is transverse now. His head is on my left side and his feet are on my right side. I still don’t understand how Lily’s even in there. Her brother throws himself all over my belly all day long. She just takes it… poor thing. 🙂 She’s definitely the calm and collected one out of the pair.

Dr. Blanc0 –

He just checked the babies heart rates again, and looked over the report that Dr. Barada gave me to give to him. He said that I’ve had a perfect pregnancy, and he’s never seen twins act and grow as if there were only one baby inside. The babies are already sharing all the food and wealth with one another. I’m very proud of such perfect little ones so far. : ) Again, it’s completely the Lord that has brought us this far. He’s too good to us, and I’m thankful that He would keep them so safe and sound for all 9 months.

I’m not going to lie, Will and I were a bit disappointed in a way leaving the doctor’s today. We want them to stay inside as long as they possibly can, but we are getting quite anxious to meet these two little babes. I’m wanting to rub their actual backs, and not through my belly anymore.

Will and I went to a Ugly Sweater Party last night, and we wore some pretty tacky christmas shirts instead.



We also wrote a little jingle last night, at the last minute, and shared it at the party. Enjoy.




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