35.5 Weeks – Doctor’s Update

We went for our ultrasound this past Monday, 12/3 at 2:30PM.

Here are the stats:

Me –
Weight – 183 lbs. | Blood Pressure – 105/60 | My sugar levels are good, although I had to admit I was eating some sweets the past 10 days. I just couldn’t pass up a cookie.

Babies –
Fluid Levels are perfect and they are continuing to grow. I go back on Monday again to see the specialist for another ultrasound and my OB after that to see where they are again. Lily figured out how to get out and decided to move head down. They are now vertical instead of horizontal, for the first time the entire pregnancy. Liam could care less and decided to keep his head snug in my ribs. They are always and forever moving. They never stop.

Will put the car seats in the car yesterday, and our bags are all packed and ready to go. Now I just need to make sure everything’s squared away at work! Which I’m going to be doing all this week. The house is clean, laundry is done, and the house smells and looks like Christmas. We are prepared to bring them on home now!

Here’s a picture of Lily. She’s doing the duck face, so we will be chatting about that when she arrives soon. Duck face is not allowed in this house. : )



Of course Liam wouldn’t cooperate for a decent picture.
That’s the update for now, we’ll keep you posted!!


One response to “35.5 Weeks – Doctor’s Update

  1. bibbidibobbidiblogidiboo

    Liam is a stinker;) I’m so anxious to see how naughty he is;) and we have some work to do on that lily. the only “duck” auntie wants to see is on her favorite show, duck dynasty.

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