35 Weeks and still going strong!

I’m getting so huge! These babies are too comfy inside my stomach, which I’m so thankful for! Here’s the update from this past weeks 2 appointments.

Dr. Barada (the specialist)
Me –
Weight: 183 lbs. – I’ve gained 48 lbs total this entire pregnancy, which isn’t too bad for two!
Blood Pressure: 105 / 60
Blood Sugar levels have been great. I’ve been eating sweets again though, so I’ve had a few high numbers. I just gave in, I know it’s no good!

Babies –
Weight – 5lbs. 2oz.
Fluid Levels are perfect.
They are still transverse. I think that’s why they’ve been able to grow so well! there’s more room side to side on me, my bodies so short.
Heart Rates were perfect. They are in the 50% for their size and weight! yea.
They both have lots of hair too…

Here’s Baby Lily and all of her hair floating above her head. Her brother wouldn’t cooperate for a picture this past week.



I’m pretty sure Baby Sister is going to look like her cousin, Avery. This is a picture looking at her face. She’s got some chubby cheeks. 🙂

Dr. Blanco (my OB)
Babies – heart rates were perfect again

Me –
I have a rash called puppps. It’s a random rash that effects women that are pregnant for the first time, having multiples, and/or having a boy. It’s soo itchy! I feel like I have chicken pocks again, but it’s not contagious or anything, just annoying.

Here’s a picture of my knee:


Gross, right?
Here’s a picture of me writing this post/working. That’s right, I’m still working and planning events! It’s such a blessing, and I’m so thankful I haven’t had to go on bed rest this entire pregnancy! Jesus gets all the glory for a great pregnancy, and healthy babies.

35 weeks


I’m pretty sure the babies grew over night. I mean, I just can’t stop growing. My belly’s huge!
We go back to Dr. Barada tomorrow for another ultrasound. We actually go back every week to see where the babies are and what’s going on with them. It’s the best to see their faces all the time now.



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