The Past Two Weeks

The past two weeks we’ve been:

1. Waiting for these babies to get here!
2. Decorating for Christmas
3. Visiting with Family
4. Working too much

Waiting For Babies
We have scheduled a c-section for Wednesday, 12/26/12 at 5:30PM! At least I have this planned out now. : ) We hate that we have to wait until next week, and after Christmas to meet our sweet babes, but they are healthy and perfect and just not wanting to come out any time soon. Yesterday morning, my doctor checked to see if I have made any progress, and I haven’t dilated or show any signs of labor whatsoever. These two babies are just in weird positions to where there has been no pressure on my cervix for it to know it’s time for them to come out. They are just getting bigger and bigger too, so I’m pretty sure they’re just stuck where they are in there.

Thankful for big, healthy babies! Will and I just can’t wait to see their beautiful faces!! Did we say they’re 7.5lbs each?! yea!!
I’m personally feeling great. I don’t have any contractions or pain, I’m just tired and achy sometimes. But this past week or so I’ve felt the best that I have for a while.

Decorating for Christmas
Here’s what the living room looks like these days:


Thanks Mom for Liam and Lily’s first Christmas stockings.


I’m in love with my new Scentsy! It makes the whole house smell like a Christmas Tree!

Will and Christmas Decor

I also love my little Christmas Trees… and that guy sitting on the couch.

Visiting with Family 
It’s my favorite when we get to see family down here. Thankful to see my Aunt Karen, Uncle Mike, and my cousins Nick and Ceciley! Oh, How I love them! We just wish they could have met Liam and Lily before they went back to Indiana : (


Working Too Much
Will and I work at a church, so of course the Christmas season is the most busy time of year. For me, I have been busy with an Outreach we put together here at the church. We put together 30,000 Bible Gift Boxes, and we have been praying for the people that will be receiving those Bibles, that they come to know Jesus as their Savior! Here are a few pictures taken by Curtis Copeland.

598424_10151559343163496_1437024788_n 598635_10151559340493496_392713159_n

It really is the best event to be apart of…

Will has been busy with Ocean’s Edge School’s big Christmas Event called Night So Silent Night production. They had two packed out shows, and everything went really well! Now he’s preparing for this weekend’s services and all 5 Christmas Eve services!

So… that’s what we’ve been up to lately. We are just anxious to meet our kids! Let’s get this party started!

Still Waiting! (37.5 weeks)

We had our last appt. with our OB this morning ! He checked to see if I had made any progress, and still nothing! I haven’t dilated at all. So we decided to schedule a c-section. He said I’ll receive a phone call sometime tomorrow to schedule it and that he would see me there to perform the operation. Baby girl is stuck in my pelvis, and Liam is breech still hanging out in my ribs.

I can’t wait to get that phone call! I’m so ready to meet these little babes.

So… We’re still waiting for these two to make their grand entrance. They really don’t want to come out at all!!



Doctor’s Update

Yesterday, Will and I had our last appointment with our specialist! No more ultrasounds for us… it’s just time for the babes to be here! Here are our stats for this week:


Weight – 188 lbs.
Blood Pressure – 105/59
Sugar Levels were perfect.

Babies –

Weight – 7.5 lbs. – Craziness I tell you! Thank You Jesus. I started crying when she told me this… I’m just so thankful.
Heart Rate – perfect – about 150 BPM for each baby

They are both in the 60% for their growth and development.

Position – Lily is ready to get out of town, and is in my pelvis, head down. Liam is still breech and just having the best time in my ribs!

Tomorrow we go to see my OB at 10:00AM… so hopefully we’ll know when these babies are going to make their entrance. We’re ready to meet them and have them home for Christmas!

Love you all and thankful for your support and love that you have shown us. It’s been a huge blessing…. we couldn’t have asked God for more!!!! We can’t wait for you to meet these little ones. YEa!

The Questions and Comments Never End!

Top 5 Questions I get asked about 100 times a day:

1. When are you due?!
2. Woah! Really, when are you due?!!
3. OOHH! May I? (with hands one inch away from my belly)
4. How are you feeling?
5. When are you due? How are you feeling?!!

It might sound dumb, but I really get exhausted putting on my happy face and smiling when I answer peoples questions. I just want to stare at them and not answer their questions. I think that would be hilarious. But I do understand people are curious. I’ve looked like I’ve been about to have a child for the past 10 weeks, so people are truly confused when I am still walking around, working, and pregnant still.

Someone wanted to know how many inches I was around. I told them, I’m not sure I haven’t tried that yet. I’ll just have to check on that, and I’ll let you all know.

36 Weeks 2 Days & Merry Christmas!

We had our two appointments today. Here’s the doctor’s update:

Dr. Barada (he’s the one that does our ultrasounds and is the specialist)

Me –

Weight – 183 lbs. (same as last week!)
Blood Pressure – 110/55
Sugar Levels were perfect.

Babies –
They’re getting so big now, that’s it’s really tough to get a good look at them through the ultrasound. They don’t show their faces anymore, they are just so cramped in there.

Weight – we’ll find out for sure next week, but my guess, since they were 5lbs. 2 oz. – 2 weeks ago – they are at 6lbs. now. : )
Heart Rate – perfect – about 150 BPM for each baby

Position – Lily is ready to get out of town, and is in my pelvis, head down. Liam was breech last  Monday, but moved, and is transverse now. His head is on my left side and his feet are on my right side. I still don’t understand how Lily’s even in there. Her brother throws himself all over my belly all day long. She just takes it… poor thing. 🙂 She’s definitely the calm and collected one out of the pair.

Dr. Blanc0 –

He just checked the babies heart rates again, and looked over the report that Dr. Barada gave me to give to him. He said that I’ve had a perfect pregnancy, and he’s never seen twins act and grow as if there were only one baby inside. The babies are already sharing all the food and wealth with one another. I’m very proud of such perfect little ones so far. : ) Again, it’s completely the Lord that has brought us this far. He’s too good to us, and I’m thankful that He would keep them so safe and sound for all 9 months.

I’m not going to lie, Will and I were a bit disappointed in a way leaving the doctor’s today. We want them to stay inside as long as they possibly can, but we are getting quite anxious to meet these two little babes. I’m wanting to rub their actual backs, and not through my belly anymore.

Will and I went to a Ugly Sweater Party last night, and we wore some pretty tacky christmas shirts instead.



We also wrote a little jingle last night, at the last minute, and shared it at the party. Enjoy.



35.5 Weeks – Doctor’s Update

We went for our ultrasound this past Monday, 12/3 at 2:30PM.

Here are the stats:

Me –
Weight – 183 lbs. | Blood Pressure – 105/60 | My sugar levels are good, although I had to admit I was eating some sweets the past 10 days. I just couldn’t pass up a cookie.

Babies –
Fluid Levels are perfect and they are continuing to grow. I go back on Monday again to see the specialist for another ultrasound and my OB after that to see where they are again. Lily figured out how to get out and decided to move head down. They are now vertical instead of horizontal, for the first time the entire pregnancy. Liam could care less and decided to keep his head snug in my ribs. They are always and forever moving. They never stop.

Will put the car seats in the car yesterday, and our bags are all packed and ready to go. Now I just need to make sure everything’s squared away at work! Which I’m going to be doing all this week. The house is clean, laundry is done, and the house smells and looks like Christmas. We are prepared to bring them on home now!

Here’s a picture of Lily. She’s doing the duck face, so we will be chatting about that when she arrives soon. Duck face is not allowed in this house. : )



Of course Liam wouldn’t cooperate for a decent picture.
That’s the update for now, we’ll keep you posted!!

35 Weeks and still going strong!

I’m getting so huge! These babies are too comfy inside my stomach, which I’m so thankful for! Here’s the update from this past weeks 2 appointments.

Dr. Barada (the specialist)
Me –
Weight: 183 lbs. – I’ve gained 48 lbs total this entire pregnancy, which isn’t too bad for two!
Blood Pressure: 105 / 60
Blood Sugar levels have been great. I’ve been eating sweets again though, so I’ve had a few high numbers. I just gave in, I know it’s no good!

Babies –
Weight – 5lbs. 2oz.
Fluid Levels are perfect.
They are still transverse. I think that’s why they’ve been able to grow so well! there’s more room side to side on me, my bodies so short.
Heart Rates were perfect. They are in the 50% for their size and weight! yea.
They both have lots of hair too…

Here’s Baby Lily and all of her hair floating above her head. Her brother wouldn’t cooperate for a picture this past week.



I’m pretty sure Baby Sister is going to look like her cousin, Avery. This is a picture looking at her face. She’s got some chubby cheeks. 🙂

Dr. Blanco (my OB)
Babies – heart rates were perfect again

Me –
I have a rash called puppps. It’s a random rash that effects women that are pregnant for the first time, having multiples, and/or having a boy. It’s soo itchy! I feel like I have chicken pocks again, but it’s not contagious or anything, just annoying.

Here’s a picture of my knee:


Gross, right?
Here’s a picture of me writing this post/working. That’s right, I’m still working and planning events! It’s such a blessing, and I’m so thankful I haven’t had to go on bed rest this entire pregnancy! Jesus gets all the glory for a great pregnancy, and healthy babies.

35 weeks


I’m pretty sure the babies grew over night. I mean, I just can’t stop growing. My belly’s huge!
We go back to Dr. Barada tomorrow for another ultrasound. We actually go back every week to see where the babies are and what’s going on with them. It’s the best to see their faces all the time now.