Doctor Update

I saw my OB, Dr. Blanco today. Here’s the update:

I haven’t gained any weight since about a month ago! Yea!
My blood pressure is perfect.
Sugar Levels are perfect.

Babies move so much it’s craziness.
Their heart beats were perfect.
They are monitoring Little Lily’s fluid levels, just because she has less than Liam, but they don’t seem too concerned.
They are both in the 60% for their weight and height!

I go back to my OB in two weeks. Starting Monday, 11/26, I go to the specialist once a week for an ultrasound to monitor the babies growth and their position to get prepared for their arrival. We’re hoping for another 4-5 weeks of them staying inside. Everything’s looking good for that to happen, but we shall see.

We were blessed once again with another little baby shower today. It was the cutest and so wonderful. I am completely overwhelmed by all of the support and love that Will and I have received. We have been given soo much and God has truly met our needs through this entire pregnancy. He is so faithful, and I’m thankful for wonderful friends and family for loving these two little babies. I feel like thank you will never be enough.

Here’s a little video from a class of students, that I don’t know at all. They wrote a little jingle for the babies:
They say “This is crazy… Liam and Lily are two awesome babies.” Love them and I love their teacher, Miss Alexa.


ps. i’m waiting for pictures of the shower from a few weeks ago.



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