Happy Halloween!

Thanks Will for my cute shirt!


My Favorite Thing a Stranger Has Said to Me so Far

I’m starting to go to the doctor every two weeks now. Yesterday Will dropped me off at the door, while he went to park the car. Our doctor’s office is apart of the hospital where the babies will be born, so he always has to go park in the parking garage.

The hospital has valet parking everywhere. So when Will dropped me off close to the front door of the building, the parking attendant lady looked at me and said, “Look at that little girl in there.”

I didn’t say anything back, I just smiled and laughed at her ghetto tone of voice.

Lady, “Well, do you think that’s what it is?”

Me, “Yes, but it’s one girl and one boy”

Lady, “WWHAT! ?!?! Girl!!!!! That’s crazy!”

Me, “Haha… yea. It’s going to be fun”

Lady, “WHERE’S THE SOB (I have abbreviated for this family friendly blog) THAT DID THIS TO YOU?!”

Me, (laughing) “He’s parking the car. He’s around.”

Lady, “WELL, I was about to say, I ain’t scared. I ain’t scared to go find hims and bring him here and let him have it.”

Me, (laughing) “Thank you, but he’s around. He’s going to be a great dad.”

Lady, “ALRIGHT. Cause he’s going to have to take care of one, and you’re going to have to take care of the other.”

Me, “Yes ma’am! Thank you! bye!”

i love this woman.

Progress on the Nursery

Lily’s Accessories

Crib – the 2nd one will be coming soon . They’ll be together for a little while anyways.

Little Lady & Little Man

Baby Duty Bed

The Beautiful bedding blankets sister made for the babes

Doctor’s Update

The babies are super healthy and doing well. I’m 30 weeks as of yesterday! It’s going by way too fast.

Here are their stats:

Liam Weighs – 3 lbs 9 oz. – 60%
Lily Weighs – 3 lbs. 4 oz. – 55%

I love that they are growing, and it’s getting harder to actually see them in the ultrasound because they’re so squished in their.

My stats:
I’m up to 180 lbs. – woohoo!
I’m belly is about 4′ around. All the weight is all in my belly.

On Wednesday, October 17 – I went in and had the 3 hour blood test for gestational diabetes. I got a call on that Friday saying that I failed my tests. I was upset at first, but there is nothing I could have done to prevent it. I eat healthy and walk a lot. The doctor said that the two placentas give off so many hormones that it keeps my insulin from breaking down my sugar levels. It was just inevitable according to the doctor. So, I have gestational diabetes, and I’m checking my sugar levels after every meal. My sugar levels haven’t been high at all for any reading. So I’m not worried about it.

If anything, it just makes me want to continue to eat healthy to never get this type of disease.

I’m going to the OB now every two weeks, and will go to the specialist for ultrasounds every week starting at 34 weeks.

The nursery is coming together. I’ll do another post about it later, so you can see pictures and such.

Getting Big.

There she is! It’s a monster!

I’m 28 weeks today! I’ve hit my first goal according to the doctor. Next goal is 32 weeks. : )

How I’m Feeling:

1. Tired
2. Sore (everywhere past my belly button)
3. Feet hurt when I stand for too long
4. My left foot gets swollen but my right never does.
5. It’s getting more difficult to get comfortable. (so thankful for the recliner my parents gave us! it’s been awesome)

Foods I Crave: Milk!

Weight: I’m around 177 right now. I’ve gained about 45 lbs since I found out I was pregnant. I keep asking the doctor if I’m gaining too much, but he keeps saying “Nope, you’re looking good!” My skinny legs can’t take much more weight I don’t think.

Liam is transverse. His little head is in my right set of ribs, and his body goes across my entire stomach with his feet in my left side of ribs. (thanks little boy, I’m glad someones comfortable around here)

Lily’s little head is right next to Liam’s, but her body goes straight down and her little tiny feet dance on my bladder every second of every day. (again you and your brother our out to kill me, I see) : )

Movement: These babies love to move! They set each other off too and react to one another. I pretend that they are already playing together which makes me happy. We can see their movement now on my belly. My stomach will raise into the air, a little persons limb or body will pass by and then go back down to where they are settling. It’s completely strange, but I love it so much.

Babies Weight and Size: Liam – 2 lbs. 5 oz. / Lily – 2 lbs. 5 oz. and they are both 11 inches long.

Here’s the only good picture from last week’s ultrasound.
Lily wasn’t cooperating, so we got a picture of Liam giving us the peace sign:

The Sweetest Little Shower

While we were at home my sister put on the sweetest little shower. Thankful for the family and friends that were there! Here are some pictures. : )

4 Years – October 4, 2008

The past 4 years have been the most wonderful years. I love my husband, Will soo much! He really is my best friend, and is the nicest person in the world to me. Seriously. I couldn’t be more thankful for a wonderful and supportive husband. I’m thankful for his trust in Jesus, and how he doesn’t worry. I’m also thankful for how laid back he is, and for pretty much serving me day after day. He’s a servant, and the most kind hearted, Jesus loving man. These babies are getting one great dad!

The past 4 years we have graduated college, tried to find jobs together, got married, moved in together, moved to South Florida, adjusted to new jobs and a new environment, and now we are having two babies together and becoming parents. We have been through a lot of change. It hasn’t always been easy, but we have learned so much and have become better people because of it. We have become better friends. I learned how to let go and trust my husband. (I am a control freak, if you don’t know me very well)

I couldn’t ask for a better husband, and I’m thankful to God for allowing me to marry him. We aren’t perfect, but we are always determined to get through the good and the bad holding hands and always together.

We have always spent our anniversaries doing something fun, but it’s always pretty laid back. Never anything fancy. Which I love. Here are our pictures from the past four years:

This past week on Thursday, October 4, 2012 we visited Disney’s Vero Beach Resort for the evening. It was very relaxing and just nice to not have to do anything for the day. We went to the pool and the beach, and just talked the entire day about our lives, the past and our future and what we would like that to look like.

When we arrived at the resort we were given ‘Happy Anniversary’ buttons.




We went and made s’mores that night.


… and they were delicious.


We went to the arcade of course. I’m really good at guitar hero.


That’s right… 2nd place.


Will was pretty good at Fruit Ninja


We got “free” cake for our anniversary dessert!


And it was delicious


My entire pregnancy I have been obsessed with drinking milk. This was the most romantic gifts I could have ever asked for.


The view from our room. Just lovely.

We were very thankful for that day of rest and relaxation. It was much needed, and we couldn’t have had more fun together.

I love you Wills!

Where Have We Been?!

I know Will and I haven’t kept up with our blog like we would like to. We have been so busy this past month, that we haven’t had time to catch our breath. Here’s the timeline since we last posted:

• We finally found a bigger place to live!! Praise the Lord. It’s a 2 / 2 condo right behind the church which is a great location for sure!
It definitely feels more like a home, and at least 3 times bigger than what we were currently living in. It’s so different living in Fort Lauderdale than in North Carolina. It’s city life for sure. Here’s a picture of our building:

So the past month we’ve been packing up our lives to transfer it all into this new building. We moved on Monday, October 1. We had about 10 people come help us move! We really have the best friends down here. We are so thankful for your love and support!!!!! You made moving day wonderful.

I had an appointment with the specialist on that Monday as well. It was the first appointment Will couldn’t go to, which was sad, but it worked out because the babies weren’t cooperated for a good picture anyways. Their little bodies were measured head to toe again and they received a wonderful healthy report again. We are so thankful!

Liam and Lily are both 2 lbs. 4 oz. and are about 11 inches long now. They are getting big!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012 – Will and I unpacked our stuff and began putting everything away. I was so exhausted that day, I could hardly stand up. I hate it when things aren’t in there place. (and they still aren’t) I can’t relax when there’s so much to be done.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012 – We rented a van and headed north. We stopped and stayed overnight in Florida off the coast, and did absolutely nothing on Thursday, October 4. It was our 4 year anniversary! It was almost to weird to be doing absolutely nothing at all that day. We had been so busy, we didn’t really know what to do with ourselves. But we put the phones away and disconnected from the world for the entire day. I loved it so much!

From this past Friday – Monday we were able to go home and see our families for a few days. We are so thankful for them and their support. It was a wonderful time.

Now, today was our first day back at work.

I’ll hopefully be keeping you updated now that we are back, and things are slightly getting back to normal. Other than the fact we are trying to get prepared for 2 little ones : )

Funny Things People Say

1. Wow! You must be due any day now. You’re huge!

2. Better you than me.

3. You’re going to be so tired.

I have enjoyed watching people stare at me when I walk by in a store, restaurant, or even at work. People are so fascinated with pregnant bellies… it’s crazy. Whenever I walk into a room a feel every eyeball staring at the big round thing that’s in front of my body. It’s quite hilarious. They especially love touching pregnant bellies too.

Other people just have no idea what to do or say around you. I’m not sick, or ill people, I’m just pregnant with two humans inside of me.

I will continue to post different comments that come my way for your enjoyment. : )