The First time I met our twins

I figured with this being my first post here, I should talk about the first time I met our twins. Okay-so I didn’t meet them in the way you can meet your best friend for a cup of coffee, but in a HOLY CRAP these two gummy bear looking creatures are my kids and before I know it I’ll be wiping their butts and cleaning up their vomit!

They were definitely the calm in the storm. You can read Amber’s account of the disorganized and awful office we were in at the time, but needless to say, it wasn’t a great experience. There were kids running around and slamming doors, people were yelling, and the poor nurse could barely speak english-but felt the need to take it out on us.

So, here we find ourselves.

13 hours away from family.

In some random office (that could serve as great birth control for most, by the way) about to have our first ultrasound to find out if we were in fact having our first child.

The doctor comes in. He seems a bit nervous, rushed and smells of smoke. Nothing against you if you smoke-but a Doctor that smokes has the same effect on me as the overweight gym teacher did. He is setting up his “tools” and preparing to do what those types of doctors do and I’m sitting patiently in the corner awaiting the news.

The event begins and almost immediately the doctor proclaims-“Oh my God, it’s Twins!”. I look at Amber’s face and immediately she begins to cry. She’s doubting the Doctor’s exclamation-you can’t blame her, again this place is crazy. Maybe it’s faulty equipment, maybe it’s a cruel joke this smoking doctor enacts on all his patients, but nope. I can see clear as day, two little gummy bears floating around on screen.

Part gummy bear, part alien-ish..there were my two kids. What’s my natural response? Did I start crying immediately at the miracle of life? Did I suddenly feel overwhelmed and immediately felt the kind of love only a father can have for his kids?


I laughed-out loud.

In fact, this is quite fitting. Amber cries and I laugh. Probably one of the best pictures of our relationship ever.

I think back to all those conversations that Amber had about how she wants twins and how we could do it once and be done. And I think-Do you realize what you’ve done! No in all honesty, I just laughed.

Maybe it’s because I think God has a sense of humor. Of course he would give me and Amber two kids at once. After all I am married to the women who makes lists of lists of lists just to remind us of what has to get done. The same woman who schedules oil changes for 7AM on our day off. And I’m the one who doesn’t like when my hands are dirty. I can’t stand when my schedule changes drastically with no notice. I don’t like when the plan changes.

So here we are. Amber and I are having twins and I’m laughing. I think God knew exactly what he was doing and I have a feeling God may of laughed that day too. He knew this was exactly what Amber and I needed  and knows we can handle it-eventhough we’re not always as sure.

I can’t wait to actually meet these two little gummy bear aliens-though now they look a little more like humans. And as is probably fitting, I can’t wait to sit and watch cheesy kid movies and laugh-but this time with them.



Beginning Months:

– I immediately couldn’t go into a Starbucks or coffee shop when I found out I was pregnant. Coffee sounded absolutely discusting. Which is soo weird, because I’ve pretty much been obsessed for quite sometime.

– Grilled chicken: something about the texture weirds me out.

– I loved taco bell at first and now I’m over it.


Since 14 Weeks (I’m now 23 weeks):

– I love milk

– I love chocolate milk

– I love bread

– I still hate coffee

– I love fruit smoothies


I Want to Go to There

Crazy Babies

One of the best things about being pregnant with twins is getting to have an ultrasound every month, and see our little kiddies. They were quite active yesterday. We got to see Miss Doggett first. She was stretched across my entire stomach at first. We got to watch her kick her brother in the butt constantly. It was hilarious. But by the end baby brother got her back, she turned herself around and he put his butt crack right in her nose.

The technician kept apologizing for it taking so long, and that it’s because of the babies moving so much and interacting with each other. I kept telling her, “Are you kidding me?! You take as long as you want, I could lay and watch those two play for forever.”

Happy Labor Day!

Will and I were discussing how weird Labor Day is. We celebrate the fact that we work, by not working. It’s kind of silly…
anywho, we just wanted to say HAPPY LABOR DAY from sunny South Florida! We miss all of our family and friends and love you all soo very much.

Baby Girl & Boy

On August 6, 2012 we found out what are sweet babies are! The ultrasound took forever. They measured every organ, every limb, their heads, and anything else you can think of. I was 18 weeks at the time, and it was the most exciting day.

It finally felt more real when you see them moving around in there, and watching their little hearts beat. It really was amazing. We are so thankful that are sweet babies cooperated and spread those legs for us to see what they were going to be! Baby A is a beautiful baby girl, and Baby B is our sweet little man.

Here are their sweet faces:

We were so excited, and can’t believe how blessed we are. They are very healthy, and everything is looking good!!
We go back to the specialist for another ultrasound this Tuesday, September 4! I’ll be 22 weeks and 3 days. I’ll definitely be posting pictures for you guys to see how they have grown.

Summer Time

It’s been quite the summer! We’ve been so busy at work, and trying to find a bigger place to live… so many changes at one time!

The beginning of May we found out we were going to have a baby. That entire month is a blur, and I was completely down in the dumps, pretty much the entire month. It was tough, but my supportive, most wonderful husband and with Jesus’ strength I got through it. I did do some research on pre-pardum depression and it really does exist. Now that I know that I have two babies in the oven, it makes a little more sense. My hormones and emotions were out of control, literally. I couldn’t logically talk myself out of feeling so down, during such an exciting time. Slowly, but surely, I came out of it. I still have my days now, but I can find hope in knowing that Jesus obviously has a plan for all this change happening to Will and I. I hope that we can continue to glorify Him in all that we do. That’s my number one purpose in life, and I’m so thankful for such a stress free calling!

I also was able to go home for a few days in May for my 26th birthday.


Telling Gil and Colette that we were pregnant! I was there in person, but we face timed with Will.

I love my dad!

So proud of my little graduate!

The girls in the family! We didn’t know there was one more little girl in this picture for a few more weeks. Love my mom!!

Just being home brings comfort in crazy times. When I’m homesick all I want to do is sit on my parent’s living room sofa, and talk to them for hours. That’s the most relaxing, most fun times ever. I’m so thankful for my parents, that are always there for me. They really are my best friends. I’m also thankful for my sister, who is the queen of being pregnant. She’s always there to answer my questions, and to laugh at me when she thinks I’m “complaining” about being pregnant too much. One more person that I love so much is my brother! Brother was able to come down this summer and stay for over a month! Honestly, this was the best therapy for me. Just having a family member around this summer was the best!

He was able to do an internship here at our church, so we hung out everyday. He was also here to be able to share in the joy of us finding out we were having two babies. I’m grateful that God allowed my brother to be down here this summer with me, and to celebrate this time with him. He is the most level headed and laid back person in the world. So, when you’re overwhelmed, he’s the best person to be around. Oh, and he loves Jesus so much. I’m so proud to call him my little brother. Here are a few pictures from our summer together!

Riding To Work Together

We went to the Keys to get some Key Lime Pie

Brother did my dishes …

… and he dusted!

Brothers had brother time… watching the soccer game

Dinner Dates were always a good time.

… and then we had to have a going away party for him with his new family. Sad Day.

Our last picture together before the twins get here. We were in the airport parking garage. Thanks for visiting us brother! You’re the best and we miss you!

We were also able to visit Will’s dad and step mom in Texas for just a couple of days, but it was great to see them!

Will and his dad.

Me at 12 weeks in Texas.

We played games and just hung out all weekend.

Guess who else visited me this summer?!!! My sister! She finally got to come down and see where we moved to over two years later. We had a great time of hanging out, going to the beach, and just talking a lot! Love my sissy so much, and I’m so thankful for her!

We got pedicures together, and she helped me with my baby registry! Which I was so thankful for!!!

We took silly pictures together. I’ve always wanted to be prego with my sister at the same time, and it actually happened! Craziness.


Sister and Brother.

Sister! Thank you so much for coming to see us! I know it was a pain in the butt to get home, but it was sooo worth it!! Thankful we had the opportunity to hang out.. just you and me!

I’ve had tons of events this summer as well to plan at work, and they all went really well. Praise the Lord! We also went to Kansas for the week with our staff. We attended the National Worship Leader Conference, which was a lot of fun. Oh, and we’ve been house hunting too… which has been quite eventful. We know God is going to provide the perfect place. He’s never let us down.

That’s been our crazy and eventful summer! Now into my favorite season… fall. Just wish Florida actually had fall like weather.